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Ukrainian war

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The theoretical consciousness of social processes, on many occasions, constitutes a reflection of the advance of predatory forces: oil/gas and social sensibilities are an indissoluble pair for understanding the meanings and artifacts that are deployed in the Ukrainian war. This is why opening a reflective space to the sensibilities that are part of the conditions of production and to the possible views of this conflict is no small task (given the temptation to reproduce the real in consciousness). In such a way, this working paper seeks to be an echo of the untamed sensibilities, which seek to be a source of surplus energies with which to build hope as an emancipatory practice.

Autores: Skoll, Geoffrey Korstanje, Maximiliano Nievas, Flabián Scribano, Adrián

Área: Vida Cotidiana, espacio-temporalidad y Sensibilidades Sociales

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