Archivo para julio, 2021

The Working Paper (N° 14) that we present in this new edition takes on the challenge of connecting two of its most outstanding identifying features: to be a space of reflexive openness about ongoing social processes, and at the same time, to open up as a territory of academic expressivity of a practice that cannot be conceived without bodies situated in these same processes.  Thus, this issue brings together a series of short texts, produced “in the heat of events”, as a way of broadening visibility and opening up questions about the recent events that have taken place since the unleashing of the National Strike in Colombia (2021).
The texts presented can therefore be thought of as clues to the ways in which the skin of the social body is woven, and as a way of thinking about our reflexive practice as a component of it. When the authors speak to us of the impotence, of the lack of fear of the young people who went out to march, or speak to us of the renewed marks that repression imprints on the skin, we must also find there a message about what unites us, about what hurts us, and how this constitutes – just at the beginning – what we will be able to do. This Working Document is therefore a moment of visibility of our common

Autores: Isabel Cristina Zuleta – Adrián Scribano – Luis Herrera Montero – Maximiliano E. Korstanje – Gabriel Restrepo – Pavel Eduardo Rodríguez

Área: Conflicto y Estructura Social

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